Cancellation Policies

Low Enrollment Cancellation - Although we make every effort to promote classes scheduled in our training center, Lasting Compressions reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment. In case of a class cancellation, any student who has paid for his/her class will have the option of rescheduling into another class at no additional charge, or receiving a full refund.

Student Cancellation - If a student cancels within 24 hours of after their registration, they are entitled to a 100% refund. After the 24 hour period after registration, a 50% cancellation fee applies to the student in the cancellation of their class, and is deducted from the initial deposit or full payment. This policy only applies to cancellations before the class has happened. If the student does not show up, or did not call prior to a class, then the Student No-Show policy below applies. If Lasting Compressions cancels a class, the customer will receive a new training date at no additional charge or may request a full refund at the approval of Lasting Compressions (If Lasting Compressions cancels a class due to a weather emergency out of its control, then full refunds will not be issued).

Emergency Cancellation - Emergencies happen, often without notice. If a class cancels, due to severe weather, instructor illness/injury, family emergencies or anything else that might be considered to be an emergency, registered students will receive priority enrollment in the next available class. Class cancellations due to severe weather are issued within 24 hours of a class. If there are no available classes in the next two weeks, then Lasting Compressions will issue a full refund.

As a safety organization, we do not send out instructors in weather emergencies, as indicated by the National Weather Service (e.g. Tornado watches, Tornado warnings, Hurricane watches, Hurricane warning, and Snow Emergencies). If a class is canceled due to a weather emergency, as determined by the Henrico County school board or corresponding county of on-site class, and if a student wishes to cancel or not take the next available date, that student may receive a 50% refund of the class cost. Lasting Compressions has no control over cancellation due to weather emergencies.


Registration and Attendance Policies

Student Transfer - At any time before a class begins, a registered student may transfer that registration to any other person at no additional charge. That intent, however, must be communicated to Lasting Compressions for roster purposes in advance of the class or will not be eligible for transfer.

Student Reschedule - A student may request 24 hours before a class to reschedule (ONE TIME) to any equivalent Lasting Compressions class (based on available space). There is no additional cost for this service. The Student must use the reschedule credit within 365 days of their original registration date. All reschedules must be received 24 hours before the original class date and received by either writing, verbal phone call, or email. If a student reschedules a class, they are only eligible for a 50% cancellation refund. After a student uses their first free reschedule, they have the option of a 50% refund, or pay for an additional class at 50% cost of the cost.

Student No-Show - With a no-show, the registration fee is forfeited altogether, meaning the student cannot receive a refund. Special exceptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis due to emergencies and other circumstances. If a student does NOT show up to a class, and has not rescheduled, they are considered a no-show.

Student Retake Policy - If a student fails a class (skills check, written test or online portion) the student must take the class again at 50% of the class cost.

Class Environment - Classes will only be held in a smoke-free environment.

Book Policy - It is the policy of the American Heart Association (AHA) that students obtain a course book prior to the class. If you already have a book, then you can use your book as study material before the course. If you do not have a book, students are encouraged to get an ebook from AHA at or a physical book from if they choose.

Attendance - Students must arrive on time and be present for the entire class to receive certification. Students arriving more that 15 (fifteen) minutes late may be denied entry altogether, or may be allowed to participate, but without certification.

Refresher Course Policy (Healthcare Provider) - If you are a new provider or have a BLS for Healthcare Provider card that HAS expired, you must take the full certification class. If you have a current, NON-EXPIRED, BLS for Healthcare Provider card, you are eligible to take the recertification course.

Outstanding Balance Policy - If an organization or a client carries an outstanding balance, their remaining balance will be charged within thirty days after the due day to the original payment method. Certification cards will not be released to the customer until their invoice is paid in full.

Class Start Time Policy - On-site classrooms must be available to the instructor 30 minutes prior to the class start time. If an organization/client schedules a class, and after the instructor arrives, the organization/client holds, or delays the instructor from beginning the course, the organization/client will be charged at a rate of $35/hour, which will be billed in 15 minute increments. This will be charged to the organization’s/client’s original payment method. Certification cards cannot be issued to a client until their balance is paid in full.