Every year, about 475,000 Americans have a heart attack. Nearly 90% of them are fatal.

Chest compressions initiated within the first two minutes increase the chance of survival by 25%.

Proper use of an AED within the first two minutes of an attack increases the chance of survival by 75%.

Heart attacks are the leading cause of death in the United States.

Welcome to Lasting Compressions – your CPR training hub in Central Virgina!

We teach you the life saving skills that help hearts beat again and keep on beating

Even a child can do it.

CPR is much simpler to perform than ever before. This easy-to-learn skill can save lives, affecting others they touch. You have it in your hands to do this when the need suddenly arises.

What distinguishes our training?

Simply the best CPR, BLS and AED training with the best customer service in RVA.

1. We accommodate your scheduling needs.

  • Convenient location, convenient times.
  • For businesses and groups: your place or ours, your schedule or ours.

2. Fun gets it done! A CPR class like no other – count on it.

  • You’ll laugh while you learn and time will fly by.
  • You'll leave prepared, smiling and certified by the American Heart Association.

3. We guarantee your learning.

  • You will leave with "Confidence based on Competence”. Free refresher class if requested.
  • You will be satisfied with the training or your money back.

4. We mean community.

  • To us, you are not just a student. You are an RVA neighbor and fellow citizen.
  • What we offer are not just classes to save hearts and brains. We offer a place in a community of trained lifesavers. We are striving to be part of a movement to build RVA as a city with heart – a place where people look out for each other. A chartered compassionate community.

5. You’ll meet some real people with lots of heart.

  • You’ll be learning side-by-side with others like you who are “there because they care”.
  • Even if you’re shy, you’ll feel comfortable. People who want to learn and update lifesaving skills are a special breed.
  • Professionals who want to maintain certification as part of their jobs in health, safety and human services.
  • Businesses and organizations responsible for the safety and welfare of people in their care, or concerned for the safety and welfare of their employees and customers.
  • Groups, families, and individuals who want to be ready to help others in a time of need.